My son has been asking me about hostels in Georgia. He is in college, but we talk on the phone every Sunday night. Apparently he has a group of friends that are wanting him to join them on a road trip from their college in Virginia to Florida, and they plan on staying at hostels in several states along the way.

The funny thing is that he has not been asking me if this is okay, but if it is actually safe. At first I was not sure, but I looked into it, and there are quite a few hostels in Georgia that seem to be reputable places with good feedback and reviews.

I told him that, but then he got more worried. I think he was hoping I would tell him something he could use as an excuse to back out of the trip. I get the feeling he likes hanging out with these people on campus but does not want to spend two weeks with them in the car.

I was finally upfront with him and just said that if he did not want to go, he should just say so.