If you are wondering if there are hostels in Georgia, the quick answer to that question is this: Yes, there are. And if you want to know just how many hostels there are in the state, you just need to do a quick search on Google.

There you will see that Georgia is actually a haven for hostels and in one place alone (Marietta), there at least seventy hostels that are in operation. Let us repeat that for you, there are at least 70 hostels in Atlanta. If that is not a lot of hostels, we do not know what is.

If you are planning on travelling to Georgia, we would suggest that you save money on accommodations by staying in a hostel. Although they are not as luxurious as hotels, you do get everything you need to make your stay comfortable, including a comfortable bed to stay in for the night and yes, a shower and toilet.

Of course, you don’t just stay at the first hostel you find online. Make sure that you check out different places by reading the reviews and checking out the pictures. You can’t go wrong if you do research on a hostel beforehand.