My name is Jenn and I am going to be planning a trip with my daughter Sana in the spring. I would like to find as much information as possible when it comes to hostels in Georgia and some other states down south. I have heard quite a few good things about different hostels and I know that it can be a fun and memorable way to travel and stay without having to spend a great deal of money.

My daughter and I are going to Georgia for the first time and I want to stay in a hostel. She is a teenager and I want to teach her a little bit about roughing it. Since the world is so filled with technology and all of these things, she acts like she is above it. There will be no way that she will think that after sharing a dorm with people she doesn’t know that well. The fact that she cannot primp in front of the mirror for hours at a time will probably kill her.

While I want to teach her a lesson about roughing it, I don’t want to stay at a dump. I would like to find a hostel that is centrally located, clean and filled with people who are relaxed travelers like us. The last thing I want is to go to a place that is filled with vagrants and other people that are not very savory. As a parent, there is a line that I cannot cross when it comes to placing my child in danger in an attempt to teach them a lesson about the world around them.

Are there some nice, cheaper hostels in Georgia that will be a good fit for a group of about 10 people? I want to make sure that it is obviously safe, but that the policies are in line with some of the best practices that I am now finding online from the top hostels across the country. We are going to be trying to do a lot of backpacking in the area, taking in a lot of the local culture, and even trying to volunteer in certain areas so that we can do our best to give back to local communities. If I could gather information on about three to four hostels across Georgia, I think it would be a great way to get started.